Let’s have less production in the snot factory, yeah?

Sick day: planning and playingThe last Friday of my vacation, I felt myself coming down with Con Crud, that sickness you get after being with a lot of people you’re not usually with, and clearly one of them was contagious and didn’t know it, and now you’re in for it. Friday was a sore throat, Saturday was sore throat and congestion, Sunday was congestion, Monday was coughing and sneezing…. let’s see what today brings! When in bed just a bit ago, I couldn’t breathe through one half of my nose, but as soon as I stood up it all cleared out. I’m feeling a little stuffy, but not nearly as ick-filled as the rest of the weekend… which is good, because I have dinner plans!

Long, long, long time friends will remember our friend Hawk. In a fit of erasing the last ten years of my life, Hawk has just this weekend moved back to Gainesville, and is living with Jenn until he can find a job and a place (if you know of a job, he’s a Guy Friday and has done everything from building bars/counters in restaurants to technical writing). Today is also his birthday so we’re going out to dinner tonight. I think I’m going to pretend that it’s his birthday from ten years ago, which is the last time he lived in Gainesville, and that makes us all ten years younger. FUCK YEAH TIME MACHINE.

Anyway, I spent most of the weekend – speaking of ten years ago – playing an old Sim/City Building computer game I used to play back when it was popular (I’m surprised it ran on my laptop, that my laptop didn’t point and laugh when I installed the disk). And while I’ve already got an overall plan for the business this year, I also spent some time reading about goal-setting and accomplishing, and writing some things down.

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