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New Year's EveNew Year’s Eve is usually a large party, and this year was no exception; I think at one point Aunt Gay said we were at a head-count of 53. Soon they’re going to need a bigger house!

It was great to see a few people who hadn’t made it in a couple of years (being sick, or other parties to go to), friends who travel in every year or two, and a few people that I only seem to ever see at the party, or run into randomly in the grocery store.

The last two years, Tim has brought some of the benches that he made for our Thanksgiving Feast table, and that really has helped with the seating at the party. Let’s face it, everyone is getting older, and nobody wants to stand for four hours straight. We’re far too lazy for that.

It was pretty cold outside, and I don’t remember there being a telescope set up this year (it may have been cloudy), so not a lot of people hung out outside – really just the smokers on the back porch. And of course going out into the front yard to watch Chris fire juggle! I’m always so humbled that he will grace us with that, and this year he looked especially dapper in the vest that Sharon made him for Tuba Christmas (which I’m really hoping to get to next year).

As usual (since I finally realized/admitted/stopped feeling guilty for) I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, other than the resolutions I make every day – to be more kind, thoughtful, mindful, and peaceful than I was yesterday. To listen, to accept, to not jump to conclusions. Things that are hard for me, but make me better when I practice them. I don’t make resolutions about diets, exercise, learning the guitar. Those sorts of things don’t work for me (but if they work for you, more power to ya!).

So. Another new year. Onward!

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