Another before and after

This is my roll-top desk, and in the after photo you can also see my painting surface (if you’re facing those white shelves, my laptop is to the left; it’s an “L” shaped desk).

Before After

At the start of my vacation, I went to go order new white shelves for all the glaze. I had five shelves, and needed maybe… three? more? Four? When I bought them they were $10.99/each. When I went back to buy three more, they had gone up to $23.99! WHAT THE HELL. In this particular line of shelves, there were small, medium, and large. These were the medium. You can see them in this picture. These shelves were great except for one thing. They had a small lip on the underside edge, so I had to turn the bottle a little sideways to get them out, and the shelves were just a quarter of a centimeter too small for that, so unless it was on the top shelf it was a little fiddly to get out.

I looked at the larger shelves, but were they TOO large? I mean, they were ten inches deep as opposed to seven, and 22 inches long instead of 15. But they were taller. And they were also only $13.99 each. Really, Amazon? Ten dollars cheaper, for more shelf space? Well, I guess y’all know by now what I did. So in the first photo you get a glimpse, and in the second photo you can see better, the shelves I bought that came the day before Christmas. Clearly I wasted NO time putting them together and moving the old shelves out. Now I’m trying to figure out how to put the old shelves somewhere in my studio, for something. You always need shelves.

I also switched the paper cutter to the other side, closer to my printer (duh) and cleaned up and organized the roll-top. There’s still a pile of bisque in boxes at the end, underneath, but those are going to disappear in January as I get all that glazed and moved into the studio (or sell it all).

Pretty soon all I’m going to have to straighten up are the boxes of “I don’t know where to put this, here, put it in this box” that are all on top of the dog crate, and my ceramic studio. I don’t know which of those two things is going to be more of a chore. But I’ve got about seven days left to do them, so…. flip a coin, self!

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