I feel like the band is back together

I love Wild Iris Books, I truly do – but their future landlord is not exactly speedy on the construction, and you probably remember that after ICFA in March I was kind of like, “I need to spend more time with people before I become feral”. OK. More feral. And as much as meeting twice a week was getting hard to do – especially a mid-day Tuesday meeting, the six weeks before Christmas (retail can be time consuming that time of year! True story!), I really did need that human interaction.

Knit night!

Broken Shelves Books & Art has been the answer to that. This place has everything I love. Good lighting. Used books. Beer. Comfy seating. An owner that clearly wants us to be there (Books-a-Million, I am still giving you the hairy eyeball). We’ve been hanging out there every Thursday for about a month now (and one Saturday), and I’m just so happy to be back to meeting with people again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I love my pets… but they’re equally about as chatty. So to have human interaction? With people who talk about more than what’s in my head? AWESOME.

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