My ghetto light box

I forget where I was just talking to someone about light boxes. TheOtherBonnie, maybe? Yes! Oh. Huh. I could have sworn I commented on that post. Whoops!

Hey, Bonnie, here’s a picture of my light box —

My ghetto light box

This is the second one I’ve built. My first one looked more like yours, but after a year or two of moving it around, it was starting to cave. As you know from building yours, cats find boxes intriguing. White boxes triply so – either the brightness or the warmth of the paper, or the fact that cats are just dicks and know you don’t want them there…. so unless I wanted to change out the paper every three days, I had to keep moving the box out of Cat Range. And that meant that with the sides cut out, the “columns” on the front started to bend after so many picking-up-and-moving.

Also I started to want something taller and wider, because I’m making larger pieces. However, I too ran into that “but you can see the line of the paper” problem. A problem that I’m sorry to say I still haven’t worked out. The obvious answer would be to get larger pieces of paper, but this is the largest that my local art supply shop carries.

While I do have a lamp next to the box (and a clamping lamp that one day, That Poor Man will hang up for me… one day….), after two years I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to have the sides of the box open – that having the top open and availing myself of all that lovely natural light from the skylight above the box works wonders. I do love me some natural light.

Also, without the sides on it, I can just turn it around so the open part faces the wall in back, and then the cats can’t get into it. Muhuwahahaha. I’m a mean mommy.

So! There’s my light box! Oh, and while previously my box had been from a large shipment of base yarn, this new box is from the office chair I bought a few months ago. Nice and tall.

(For those looking to make your own light box, consult The Google. The Google knows all.)

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  1. Mmmm, natural light. I have no such luck. It’s like I live in a cave. I think I may whack off the top and I have plans to buy two clippy lights on my next Ikea trip. I really believe the box will help… once I figure out a few more things. Yours looks great!

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