Another day off? I don’t even know myself any more!

Slow Poke, Crazy about Caramel, and Cookie DoughWhile I did pour some greenware in the morning, we took the afternoon off and went to Sweet Dreams, and finally got around to seeing the Hobbit. I’d cast on a simple pair of gloves back before Christmas in hopes that we’d get to go opening weekend, hahahahahaha, joke’s on me — and since then I’d gotten a couple inches done on the gloves just because that’s the way it played out…. so I ran out of knitting around the time that Bilbo and Gollumn had their riddle contest.

Oh, but what did I think of the movie?!

Let me see…. I’d read a few… I hesitate to call them official reviews because it was really just more like people posting on Facebook, and the only one I specifically remember is someone saying that if you are not an ardent, many-times-rereading-the-book FAN, you might think it drags out. But if you are the kind of obsessive Middle-Earth nut who re-reads the books every few years (and I do resemble that remark) you are going to drink it in. So my verdict is that if I had had more knitting with me I could have happily sat there for another three hours on top of what we saw. Can I go see it again today? How about next week? Is the DVD out yet? And is Peter Jackson going to go and make another LOTR series of movies that will double those in length? Because I would eat that shit up. His vision is exactly my vision, everything I’ve seen in my head growing up is on the screen when he brings Middle Earth to life. Thank you, Peter Jackson. Thank you.

Not pictured : vodka drink and what's on TV.Then we came home and watched a couple more episodes of The Wire, and I got some knitting done. I’m determined to finish That Damn Sweater this year. Even if I have to ignore that cute face to do it.

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  1. I want to see The Hobbit. Have not been able to be entirely child free for a day (and have all the stars align and all that) yet. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am also totally stoked that I properly identified the knitting in the picture! That sweater will be so worth it!

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