The hidden places

Private : 111A week or two ago, Jenn and Whitney (and Tim! Don’t forget The Tim!) and I went to Wine & Cheese/Panache for lunch, and I saw something that I’d never really noticed before, even though I’ve been there a hundred times. You know how, when you go there, if you’re facing W&C, the door to W&C is up the brick steps on your left, but you have to walk all the way through to get to Panache, which (again, if you’re there, standing out front), is on your right, with the full-length glass windows? This little porch and set of doors is right in between them. Somehow, there’s enough room for a little porch and …. and what? … well, they clearly don’t go inside W&C, so there must be stairs that go immediately up. It is a two-story building. Now I want to go back there so I can pace off the walk and see how much room there must be, because the part of me that believes in Fairy Tales thinks there isn’t enough room and so those doors must be magic. Which means of course I want to see what’s on the other side.

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