Maybe one day I’ll have time to upload the rest of the photos

Struck by lightningThe Tuesday before Halloween we went to see Zombie Belly-dancing at Satchel’s. Technically Lightning Salvage, but a lot of people still refer to it as Satchel’s just like people refer to Panache as Wine and Cheese. So here’s a teaser photo! I live uploaded some photos with my phone onto Facebook, so if you follow me there, you’ve already seen a few. I have more (better) ones on my camera, I just still haven’t moved them over to my computer because I am a slack-ass. I keep wanting to take Just One More Product Photo, and then I wind up taking that so late in the day that I don’t want to do anything else with my camera, so … yeah.

The dancers were of course lots of fun — I can’t watch traditional belly dancing without wanting to learn how to do it, but fortunately most of the dances were more along the lines of live theater rather than traditional. Well, fortunately in that it didn’t result with me throwing myself at my friend Heather’s feet and begging for a class schedule.

That day was really long. That was the same day as the hellish dentist visit, so mostly what I wanted out of the evening was beer; so the two very large Sam Smith Organic Ciders that I had went down smoothly. Mmmmm. Ciiiiiiiiiiiiider.


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