Another trip to Haile and back

Oh, Haile!

It’s beautiful, but it just doesn’t look like Gainesville. I know I keep saying that, but if you saw what Gainesville is really like….? You’d get it. This; this is movie-set perfect. I alternately expect to see girls in poodle skirts and high pony tails sitting on the benches talking about greaser boys they like, or creepy possessed children jumping rope and singing horrific songs about serial killers burned to death by their parents. Or maybe Marty McFly to go swishing by on a skateboard. MY MEDIA BRAIN: LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

Since I have to go out there about every ten days to get medicine for my dog, I’ve started snagging my friend Laura on the way out there; that way we can at least sit at Patticakes for an hour and have some tea or coffee, and cupcakes. There’s something about spending an hour sitting that makes the drive a little more worth it; Haile is about 30 to 60 minutes away from my house, depending on traffic. I know that sounds like a wide time difference, but depending on the time of day you hit either about four school zones, and/or people getting off work and driving past the mall or past Butler Plaza. I do love Gainesville but it is very much a city of “you can’t get there from here” — thanks to the University smack in the middle of the city, you have to drive out of your way to get across town. Good thing I like books on tape.

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