Show your Pride

You may remember last year when I had a booth at the Pride Festival with Wild Iris Books; last weekend the event rolled around again, and again we were there!

You're already too late to be my first sale!

I’m not sure if it was because we were in a different part of the layout (more near other vendors) or because there were about 30 more booths than there were last year but people who came by seemed more excited to be there, and this year was hopping. I was there from about 10 to 6, and think I was talking to people pretty much the entire time. The Iris Goddesses invited me to come out with them after, but all I had the energy for was going home and eating dinner – it wiped me out!

I love people-watching and the thing I liked the most about this festival was the variety of ages and walks of life. It wasn’t just angry young people who felt marginalized; it was parents, and children, and best friends, and sisters and brothers, and people who just felt like we’re all human so what’s the big deal already. Smiles were everywhere, as were full-body tackle-hugs from friends who clearly hadn’t seen each other in a while (I saw, at least twice, a version of that “two people running through a field of daises towards each other” only it wasn’t in slow motion and it was so crowded they were pushing other people aside to get to their friends).

I can’t wait until next year.

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