Beautyberry and baby headsWho would have thought these would be so popular? I guess I didn’t really think about who my friends are when I thought “now here’s a wacky idea of something I should make.”

I did just buy a second baby head mold like this one, so that I can make them twice as fast… even though I know if I did that, people would suddenly not want them. OH WELL. Then I’ll just have a lot of creepy baby head vases in different colors around my house! Or maybe people will get them for Christmas! Hahahahah! “Happy Jesus’s birthday, here’s a disembodied baby head!”

I’m not really awake yet. That might not have been funny. (I’m pretty sure it was, though.)

I’m still in the middle of reading a Dead Tree series of books, so haven’t yet dived into the Nook. Yesterday I did download samples of two books (I think I’m going to like the free sample thing; one thing that worried me about buying books electronically was not being able to flip through them if it’s a new writer, and seeing if it’s any good). So I downloaded the first four chapters to Redshirts by John Scalzi, and a sample of Mary Roach’s Packing for Mars. Both are ones I’ve wanted to read, so I figure I’m safe.

One thing the vet said was that both dogs and one of the cats need to be on antibiotics to clear up skin conditions. Did you know Publix will give you – with a vet’s prescription – free antibiotics for your pets? I don’t know if that’s just a deal my particular vet has with Publix, but I’ll take it, that shit’s expensive. So both dogs are suddenly getting breakfast, instead of just dinner, and breakfast is a mixture of crunchy dog food and pill pockets. Tiny Kitten is getting a mouthful (or as much of a mouthful as I can get) of liquid antibiotic. It’s really challenging for me to be awake enough to wrangle all that together before I’ve had my coffee. I hope I’m giving everybody the right thing.

Speaking of the right thing, Old Dog seems to be reacting well to the new combination of pain medicine. It also has to be given with food, since it’s an opiate, and that will combat stomach upset. She’s still sleeping a lot during the day, but she’s also been much more active than she has been in the last few weeks. Instead of sleeping for ten hours straight, she’s getting up and going outside during the day. Part of me is all “yay!” and part of me is “you are such a fucking asshole for wanting her put to sleep, you do not deserve pets!”. Oh, guilt. I should have been Catholic.

That’s all, folks! I gots to wake up, have coffee, get moving! I gots stuffs to do today!

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  1. I saw something in the paper the other day about acupuncture for dogs in Old Dog’s situation. Seemed like miraculous cure. Where’s your acupuncture buddy? Anything she knows about this?

    Publix has all sorts of human prescription medicines they give out free. Nice that they do it for animals also. It gets you into the store and then you buy stuff. Works for me since that’s where I’d be going for groceries anyway.

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