Sunday, August 5th

Tiny KittenHow have I never noticed the “blackboard” setting on Vignette? And how pretty does Miss Thing there look? “Yes, adoring fans, you may take my photo, if you must…”

Yesterday, and I don’t know that it wasn’t influenced by the weather, I was about as unmotivated as  anyone has ever been. Oh, sure, I managed to finish cleaning some greenware so I could fill the kiln, caught up on a few supply orders, and slapped a coat of glaze on a few things… but I grumbled through the whole thing.

I hoped that a break for lunch with a friend might improve my mood – especially since it’s a friend I don’t see all the time, and we were meeting at Chopstix… and while lunch was divine, when I got home I was just as unmotivated.

Today? So much to do. But unless I want to spend the first bit of it walking around and bumping into things, I’d best start off with a refill on this coffee. Mmmmm.

How is it that at the same time I want to do ALL THE THINGS, I also want to do NONE OF THE THINGS? Do y’all ever feel that way? I have three weeks of laundry to fold, it’s boring, I don’t want to do it. I have books to review on Goodreads, nine of them, I sure did fall behind, and now I can’t even really remember much about the first couple of books on that list. I’m mad at my knitting and don’t want to work on anything I’ve got on the needles, and am completely unmotivated to start a new project. I have so many receipts to file it’s daunting — and I use an online accounting system so it’s not like I need to ENTER anything, I just have to put it in a file folder. AND YET. Blargity blarg blarg blarg. Is Mercury in retrograde or something…?

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  1. Darling girl – it’s called hitting the proverbial wall. Happens to ALL of us with regularity. While you’re sitting on the couch and running through the mental ticker tape of the MILLIONS of things to get finished, sometimes, we just lack the energy to start on even one thing. Allow yourself the downtime without beating yourself up – you are not alone, I promise. Hugs.

  2. I’ll second what Katherine said. You’re allowed a break.

    A trick you might try: pick the job you want to do least, set a timer for 15 minutes, and tackle it for just that 15 minutes. Then you have permission to stop. Then go do something else for 15 minutes. As says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes.”

    Love, Aunt Gay

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