Saturday, August 4th

Zoe!Zoe! I wish I knew the keyboard shortcut for getting the thingy over the “e”. Hmm…. according to Google…. CTRL=SHIFT+:, the letter…. would give me…. e. Yeah. That does nothing. Zoe. Or…. Alt137… nope, that just makes my cursor disappear. Ah, screw it, it’s too early in the morning for this.

ANYWAY. In this picture you can see what I meant yesterday about the slight rise and angle of the keyboard. At first I was all WTF, CHANGE! But after just a day I love it. My wrists feel more supported and less like I’m having to hold them up over the keyboard to type. And if you click the picture and go to “view all sizes” and view the original size, you can kind of see what I meant about the keys being set into a plate. Already I’ve just gently blown cat hair out from between the keys and been pleasantly surprised to see it blow away rather than get lodged under the keyboard.

Catherine asked for a little clarification on the mugs — I’ve started to glaze some already, so it looks like for the first release, I will have four travel mugs shaped like this; two in white, two in gray. Only the logo will be less Derpy. And I will have six mugs shaped like this, sans birds; two in white, two in gray, two in pale yellow. I will be putting my logo on them, probably just in black at first since that’s the color I’ve already bought. Then when I go for round two, I will offer color choices on the logo if I can (but those color choices will have to be determined by the colors I can get, not necessarily by the colors people want). I hope that makes a little more sense? I’ll have photos hopefully by this time next week.

And for my next trick…. I’ll go get another cup of coffee! Today’s plan is to play catch-up on things. I swear…. some days I look at my schedule and think “there’s not a lot on my plate today… maybe I could actually take a few hours off today” and then I do, and then the next day I feel like I’m behind and will never catch up. I may have to re-evaluate my schedule YET AGAIN. What’s the Buddhist thing about remaining flexible even within rigidity….?


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