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OK, so I’ve been thinking more about the HaldeCraft Think Tank… HaldeTank? HaldeThink? The Giant Collective HaldeBrain? HaldeBorg?


Anyway. If you’d like to occasionally give me your opinion (like which is more intuitive: sorted by color name first or sorted by item name first) … I’ll be posting questions here on this blog and you can choose to answer, or not, or…. whatever.

At first I was thinking I’d do it by making a group for myself on Google+, but then I remembered what a farking pain it is to search for something on G+ (one time it took me so long to find an answer to a question I’d asked Caitlin, that I just gave up and asked her again)… so then I was thinking I’d keep it to email. And I was writing something up on that about things I’d ask and …  it occured to me that a lot of this is stuff that I’ve been doing on my blog. Already. And a lot of you have already been giving me great feedback.

So why don’t I keep it on my blog? Duh.

Cue “Least Complicated” by The Indigo Girls.


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  1. Not sure if you were asking but I like sorted by item. I like to see all the options of an item together rather than scrolling past the same item at seemingly random intervals if that makes any sense. Seems to me that it’s easier to get a grasp of the full range of colors available if they’re all grouped together.

    1. That’s kind of what I was thinking, and what other people had said, too… I don’t know why but I was also locked in to Doing It The Way Etsy Strongly Suggests; after all, Etsy has been working out pretty well for me so if I’m doing what they’re suggesting I must be doing it right… right? But one thing that at the same time drives me bonkers about Etsy is the inability to sort items any old way you want. So I think that listing my items on my new shop by item, but leaving the color name as a clickable tag (as in, “ooo, I like Pumpkin Spice stuff, what else does she have?”) then that’s the way to go. And I know, Etsy has clickable tags, too. If you can find them, since they change location on the page all the dang time. 😉

      Anyway, thank you!

    1. Soaps (and lotion) are listed by fragrance name, because I thought that more people would be looking for, say, Lavender soap vs. soap shaped like a hedgehog. I mean, if I were looking for soap shaped like a hedgehog, I’d just go directly to the search function, assuming that soap would be fragrance-first. But on each soap listing, I have a clickable tag for both the fragrance (so someone can find everything I offer in Lavender) and also for shape (so they can find other hedgehogs). And for woodsy soap, or floral soap, or whatever it is, so it would be easy to find things in the same family. Does that make sense…?

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