Monday, June 25th

He was wrong; it CAN rain all the time.It’s been raining pretty much steadily since Saturday night or so. We got almost seven inches of rain on Sunday, and at least another four yesterday. And yesterday we even had a few hours of sunlight! Today, it looks like No Sun For You, and I do believe it’s gotten darker since I woke up this morning.

For those whose geek-fu is a little off, in this photo I am wearing a shirt (from a science fiction convention) drawn by Jamie O’Barr, and it’s of The Crow. One of the key lines was from a song from his band, “it can’t rain all the time”… it seems these days that actually, yes. It can. Which I’m fine with – we’re still under drought conditions and need the rain – I’m just hoping a sinkhole doesn’t open up under the house. Yay! Another thing to worry about! Thanks, overactive imagination!

I haven’t taken any pictures in the last couple days; mostly I’ve been back and forth between glazing ceramics and sitting at the computer catching up on things… and even though I do take the occasional “scenes from a work day” photo, that would be too boring even for me. “Here’s a photo of watching glaze dry! It’s exactly as fun as watching paint dry! Only with a harder shell after kiln firing!” Yeah. Whoo.

Speaking of kilns, I fired it yesterday, so should go see if it’s ready to open. Check the work blog later for photos!

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