Tuesday, May 22nd

Fighting off a napHere’s Tiny Kitten (not so tiny any more, truthfully; but the nickname has stuck) showing off how she’s totally not about to take a nap, even with that sunbeam coming from above her through the skylight, warming the cardboard of the box she’s on. Nope. No napping. Not a nap to be found. Zzzzzzzzz.

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch yesterday but she suddenly got swamped at work, so instead I unpacked my box of ceramic supplies… which I can not WAIT to get started working with. Hee  hee hee. New toys. It’s like Christmas.

In the afternoon I went off to meet friends for knitting, after which (and if Tim is reading this, he’ll be so proud) I remembered to take the trash out. I KNOW. I might even, today, remember to bring the empty bins back up to the porch.

Yeah. That was pretty much my day. Exciting times, y’all. Exciting times. This blog writer really knows how to keep her readers interested!

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