What happened to the weekend?

Alpaca, silk, and sparkles!My friend Beth must be psychic because I just about a week ago had started to make more of an effort to get some spinning done; she happens to watch an AlpacaCam and bought some fiber from the Alpaca farm.

Mmmmmm, alpaaaaaaaaaaaaca. I do love to spin me some alpaca, and the fact that this also has some silk and sparklies in it ….? Awww yeah. This is next on my list.

I was going to try to tell you what I did on Friday, but I’m writing this on Monday and already can’t really remember. I think I wrapped a lot of soap. Wheeee! I also fired the kiln (you can read about that here). Friday felt a little weird, what with Tim coming home on Thursday… and being home on Thursday… but then going to work on Friday. Where’s Tim?! He was just here!

Scout says hi!Saturday I caught up on a few things, but the highlight of the day was going to our friend’s house in the evening. Emma and Arne were in town, with their 14-week old puppy (OMG THE CUTENESS) Scout. I forget what kind of dog Scout is; she might be a Jack Russel Terrier. I don’t care what she is, because ADORABLE is what comes to mind. It was great to see Emma and Arne, and it’s always good to hang out with so many friends. Seriously, Craig and Rhea had a houseful! Good thing they’d just moved into a bigger house!

Sunday I met a friend at Chopstix, and I took a picture but it looks just about the same as it did when Tim and I went there for lunch on Thursday. Sigh. Hopefully with Beryl sitting on top of us for a day, we’ll get a couple inches added to our depleted water table.

Sunday night of course was Game of Thrones (for which Tim made Hungarian Sweet Cheese Bread… or was it called Hungarian Cheesy Sweet Bread?). What an episode that was! Holy crap. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left this weekend. I don’t know how they’re going to pull it off.

Today I’m bumping around the house like a pachinko ball, but I’m getting Β a lot of things done. Yes, it’s Memorial Day, but nobody I know of is having a BBQ (and I’d probably have an allergic reaction to the food anyway). And I’m sure there’s something going on at the VA memorial, but it’s raining, and it’s a slow day, and I’m not feeling particularly motivated to even put on shoes.

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  1. If you ask anyone (older than me) in my family, you will hear the story of me, at age two, being leveled by a dog. As such, I’ve never been much of a dog person.

    But OMG! Scout! She couldn’t level me if she tried! And soooo sweet!

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