Thursday, March 8th

When life gives you messed-up crockery...Remember when I had that kiln accident? This is what I finally got around to doing with it (I have another one, too, but don’t yet know where I’m going to hang it).

I hung it near (but not too close) where a little family of house finches comes back every year to make a springtime home. I just wish they didn’t make it in the rain gutter, I always worry their little babies will drown. I put up one of my acorn birdhouses to see if they’d move into it, instead… but so far, no luck. In fact, they made their previous home longer. Maybe it’s a house finch commune…?

This week has been a real challenge as far as getting back into my routine goes. So I’m just trying to take it slow, and instead of trying to cram in everything I didn’t get done while Arne was here (other than Monday when I felt overwhelming pressure to catch up), I’m only working on custom pieces, sock club, and possibly eventually folding laundry. I also really need to give the dogs a bath (guess what’s happening after lunch, then, poocharoonies….?).

Facebook and Twitter tell me I’m not the only one suffering with all this pollen in the air, so I’ll just say… yeah. Congestion. Sinus pressure. They make me cranky. Coffee and decongestant, here I come!

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