Friday, December 16th

Still life with knitting (and sad puppy) It’s a good thing this dog is so cute, because she’s the reason I’m awake and typing this at 4 in the morning. Well, technically Old Dog is the reason I woke up, but Backup Dog here is the reason I couldn’t get back to sleep. Bridgett woke me up at about 2AM whining and rubbing at her ears. Then she fell back to sleep, and I tried to, but … it wouldn’t happen. Probably because every time I would stop thinking about everything I have to do, Corwin (on the floor next to my side of the bed) would scratch and her tags would jingle together, and… then I’d be awake.

Well, if I’m awake, I might as well fire the kiln, right? I finished glazing things yesterday, but thought I wouldn’t have time to fire the kiln today because we have a party to go to that starts at 4 in the afternoon and I didn’t want to get up at 5AM to start the kiln. JOKE’S ON ME.

Yesterday I put out some Internet fires – really, nothing makes me see a white-hot rage like injustice; doubly so when the person being crapped on is someone whom I care about and feel protective towards. So I wrote a few words, and those words gave her a voice, and now people are backing down, apologizing, and stepping up to help. Justice has been served, along with a steaming cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP and a healthy dish of EAT YOUR WORDS, BITCHES.

I also made some soap, dyed some yarn, and glazed some bisque. And listed about 15 or so items on my Etsy shop because I still had about half a dozen soaps and about that many ceramics I was sitting on, and as I’ve decided to take a little time “off” (the airquotes are there because do I ever really take time off?!) I wanted to get everything I had sitting around up and listed. Then in January I will start fresh.

I'm too crafty for this room I need to pour some molds. I can’t pour them because there is yarn drying above where I pour. The yarn won’t dry because it’s been rainy.


At least the view is pretty.

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