Well so much for THAT blog post idea.

So, I DID have this idea for a blog post I was going to write this week about how I had downloaded this To-Do List app for FancyPants, called Astrid.

It’s got both a phone app (so I can add things if I think of them away from home, or check things off as I do them around town) and a web-based page (which is great for typing in lots of stuff, as I do love my phone but … really? Typing in many complicated things gets old after a while when typing with only thumbs.). I was getting to the point where I was getting a good routine; as I had coffee in the morning and was checking Facebook, checking HaldeCraft messages, checking Ravelry messages… I would flip back and forth and add to my lists as things would occur to me. I’ve got the “household chores” list (because I can never remember when the last time I watered the outside plants was) and the “work” list, the “sock club” list, the “custom work” list, the “errands” list, and the “shopping” list. It was working out, finally! It would sync with my Google calender and if there was a date on the thing to be done, it would add it to my calender, and that was FABULOUS. It gave me a visual view of what needed to happen by when, and was strangely making me feel more in control of my schedule. I’m a visual person, and because now I had a vision of when things needed to be done, rather than keeping them in my head, it was making work a lot more easy to schedule.

I was digging it, even though it made my phone yell at me every day at 6 PM if I hadn’t accomplished everything on my list. Actually I had sort of a … well, instead of getting mad at the phone because I couldn’t figure out how to turn that feature off, it actually made me put less on my list; which accomplished something I needed yet couldn’t seem to do for myself — not over-scheduling my day! And I really, really liked that it synced with Google, which is more and more becoming my off-site brain storage unit.

And I was digging it even though I had to sync two times (once to the Astrid website, and once to Google). First world problem, I know.

And then.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then.

There was an update earlier this week, and now there’s some… gawd, I hope it’s a glitch, and not a “feature.” Whenever I sync to Google, which I want to do because then it checks it off my calender as done if I’ve checked it on either my phone or the web… now whenever I sync to Google, it duplicates the task. And marks it as not finished. So then I have both Google and Astrid telling me it’s not done. Even things I did, like, last week.

That shit has got to end.

So…. sigh. Guess I’m back in the market for a new To-Do app. I’ve tried Evernote (love it for keeping track of thoughts, not so good as a to-do list as I have to remember to open it, sigh). I’ve tried Mobisle Notes (I may be spelling that wrong) and it’s great for shopping lists and notes to myself about books to read or movies to see, but it’s not a very good To-Do list. I had even tried Astrid about eight months ago and didn’t like it then — they’d since improved the interface. But now. Really? Duplication? No. Not even. If that doesn’t get fixed within the next day, I’m outta here. I have a hard enough time getting things checked off once; now I’m supposed to remember that I finished that three weeks ago and check it off again? Yeah, I get it’s a free app. BUT STILL.

Add to my list of things to do today: research a couple more apps, perhaps Gtasks or Google Tasks Organizer.


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  1. Gah. I hate when they ruin a perfectly good app by updating it. I had a great app that would reclaim memory from apps that you shut off but were, in reality, still open in the background, draining the battery. The last time I updated the app, that feature was GONE. Now the app is completely useless. Yes, it was free, but they don’t even have a paid version that does that. Boo.

    I haven’t really found a good To-Do list either. I tend not to use them anyway – I just add stuff to my calendar.

  2. I use this really neat app called ‘a pencil and piece of paper’. You write things down on an old fashioned piece of this stuff called paper and cross it off when you get it done. Or not and then you can very easily ignore it as it doesn’t beep or duplicate or anything… If you get everything done, you can toss the paper in to your actual recycling bin, or keep it to remind yourself of all the things you’ve accomplished. And some pencils even come with a thing on the end called an eraser which also comes in handy for making changes to the list. I guess I just don’t always fit in to the modern world but it works great.

  3. GTasks has really helped me get my shit together. It may be too simple for what you need, but I like that it’s right there on my Google Calendar on my laptop, with tasks on the actual dates if necessary. Still two separate apps on the phone, but it’s pretty tidy that way.

  4. Have you tried ToodleDo? I know Dima really likes it, and I have it on my ipod for the day when I have enough shit that I need to get it together with assistance.

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