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With regards to work (whatever you do for a living), have you ever felt like a fraud or impostor and that others might find out that you are not quite as talented as you pretend, and that you may even have reached your level of competence?

It’s funny that that’s the question I opened up to in my book, because that’s something I do think about a lot. Most writers I know feel some level of that (“I can’t believe I get to pretend things for a living! Some day someone’s going to wise up and realize what a fraud that is, and then boy-howdy am I going to be in trouble!”) and I do kind of feel that way myself some days with HaldeCraft (“I can’t believe I get to play with crafty things all day for a living! Some day someone’s going to wise up and realize that’s not really a job, it’s fun, and then boy-howdy am I going to be in trouble — I don’t think I could even hold down a *real* job any more!”)

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  1. All. The. Fucking. Time.

    Well, not now so much, but during grad school. Now I’m having that second kind of thought, actually. When I’m at the yarn shop, my thoughts tend to alternate between “Holy crap, I’m working at a yarn store! Whee!” and “Man, I hope I can make enough money doing this to keep doing it, rather than finding a real job which would be so much easier financially, but…” And now, in the times between work, I’m a combination of scared and excited to be starting my own freelancing business. I’ve got a fuckton of stuff to learn, but it’s still fun and exciting and I still think I can do it.

  2. i believe you can hold down what ever comes into your grasp; my friend.
    but; yeah, ifelt that way when i was a supervisor,.

  3. Yeah, I do feel like that. I also feel like someone’s gonna realize that they pay me entirely too much for writing articles and arranging graphics.

    The fact that I earn nothing from my photography seems about right. 😉

  4. Yep.
    Although, it’s really quite silly of me, considering I do a lot of legwork (when I’m not out sick, like I am today! oops!) that totally fits the description of “work”.

  5. I’ve been afraid to answer this one because that is totally me. I feel I only get along as well as I do at work because the bar was set so low when they hired me that I could drag my feet over it. I know there are times when I work my ass off, but other times I just live in fear they’ll figure out that any intern could do my job.

  6. All the time. But the thing that abates those feelings is when I have to explain something I think is simple to someone who doesn’t do what I do. It’s only then that I realize that the decades of work I have behind me is not universally shared by the human race.

    Even so, I forget sometimes and feel like a fraud. It’s a good thing though – that feeling keeps me working hard.

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