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  1. can you give me some tips too? Mine looks all yellow and sad and Sir Aloe the V is looking a lot like Sir Aloe the IV before he disappeared (somewhere near the compost pile I do believe) and this is from the daughter of a landscaper!

    1. When first moved either from the sun to the shade (or visa versa) they will get grey; they’re in shock and just need a couple of weeks.

      And then, after they get green and bright? Ignore them! No, really! I only water my outside aloe when it’s been bone dry for weeks, and if they’re inside aloe it’s OK to let the soil dry out. Aloe are originally from a Mediterranean climate so they like it hot and dry! The more sun the better, but they will do OK without the sun beating on them if you either move them slowly or nurse them through the “shocked” stage. They can go dormant in the winter, so it’s really important not to overwater them if they look pitiful then. They’ll really be OK!

      1. ah! The shock period is key . .. hmm. And maybe mine are getting overwatered next to everything else (we use a sprinkler for some of the plants. Thank you!

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