Conyers Family Reunion

As you probably know, the reason for our travels was the Conyers family reunion (pictures below, which you won’t see if you’re in a Reader):

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157626981210651″]

I think there were about 75 people there, minimum, only about 25 of whom I knew. It was fun to see the other branches of Tim’s family, meet distant (to him) relatives, and see everyone have fun together. There was so much food (Billy roasted a whole pig, but he did it overnight and I didn’t get pictures of it) and rivers of drinks. I can’t believe we actually ran out of drinks, and Cathy and I had to run to the store to get three more cases of bottled water and six boxes of soda. Deserts were awesome (brownies, cookies, ice cream and frozen yogurt in too many flavors to count).

I know I’ve said this already about this week, but… good times!

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