Sunday Sunday before and after the family reunion we just sort of hung out; there was a deck to be built, and garden photos to take. We hung out until about lunchtime (the reunion was an afternoon thing) and then went over to that (separate post, coming soon). By about 7 or 8, I was given the choice to drive back with Cathy and Bill (they wanted to use the last few hours of daylight to finish putting in the deck at their house – would you believe it doesn’t get dark in the summer up here until close to 10? WTF?) or since Tim wanted to stay until the end to help clean up… I could drive back with him but that would be midnight or later.

Needless to say, I went back with Cathy, and she and Joyce and I sat with frozen fruity vodka drinks and watched the guys finish putting in the deck. Well… mostly finish. They were about three boards short! So guess what’s going on around me as I type this on Monday morning? Which will probably confuse all of you, because I don’t think I’m posting this until Tuesday, as I already have a couple posts staggered.

Closer to dark, we had a bonfire and were treated to all the neighborhoods around us who were doing fireworks. It was nicely staggered, and we had fireworks on four sides of us for a couple of hours.

Good times, good times!

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