Brambleberry Soap Swap #2

Frond Soap Remember back in December when I did a soap swap with one of my suppliers, Brambleberry? Well, a couple months ago they decided to do another, so I jumped in and sent them a dozen frond-shaped soaps in a fragrance that I need to be a little vague about, because I had originally bought it to make a part of my Watership Down soap club and I haven’t sent that fragrance out yet. (SPOILER ALERT!) Anyway! Below is a photo of the loot I received in return, and I’m even happier with this grouping than I was with the December one. Many of these fragrances are ones I’ve never smelled, and I am very much intrigued and can’t wait to use them.

I will try to link to the soapmaker’s Etsy (or other) shop if they have one, but if you made this soap and I didn’t link to you, please drop me a line and I’ll add your information!

Brambleberry Soap Swap #2

Top row:

Pineapple Cilantro by Donna Smith of Donna’s Creations – fruity, but not overly so. Very light, I think the cilantro keeps it from being overpoweringly sweet. This will be very good for cool summer showers!

Gingerlime by Amy Flinton – I like both ginger and limes, so I don’t think she could go wrong with me, there. This has a nice spicy fragrance that I can even smell through the wrapping – awesome!

Passionfruit Rose by Lisa Burton of Soap and Suds – Normally I am not a rose-scent girl (I like roses, but find most commercial rose fragrances overpowering). However, the passionfruit really adds a fruity spice, and believe it or not I may actually wind up using this one first!

Island Coconut by Soap and Suds – I had a tester of Island Coconut and used it all to make a guest set; so I am thrilled to get this one because that was one scent that I’d wished I’d tried myself. It smells like a cross between a fruity rum drink and the suntan lotion I used to slather on as a child. Mmm, memories! (Not memories of fruity rum drinks as a sunbathing child, just sayin’.)

Middle row:

Basil Lime by Donna Smith of Donna’s Creations – I like the dragon mold she used, but I love love love the fragrance. Very … I don’t know how to describe it, except to say “green.” Extremely fresh and clean, my nose now feels like it’s been out in the garden.

Rise and Shine by The Herbal Goat – very cute packaging on this one. And I think I lucked out with the citrus/herbal scents this time around, because this one smells very lemony and invigorating.

Clementine Cupcake by Kimberly Burton of Soap and Suds – CUPCAKE SOAP! I’ve seen photos and always wanted to hold one to see if it feels as awkward as it looks to hold. Verdict? Not awkward at all! And y’all know how I loves me some cupcakes, so this had me grinning from the time I took it out of the box. The fragrance is very light, and a little tangy with a hint of sugar.

Cute little blue flower by Soap Bauble – This one isn’t marked with what fragrance it is, and for some reason I can’t really tell. It’s a little on the floral/herbal side, but soft, and a little like something I used to smell in my grandmother’s kitchen, only I can’t quite place it.

Bottom row:

Buttercream and Snickerdoodle by Kim Burton of Soap and Suds – y’all know I already like this soap fragrance, and who could possibly have anything bad to say about something that looks like cake?! Not this girl, that’s for sure! I am looking forward to smelling edible.

Mr. Darcy Soap by Blushing Rose Handmade Soaps – mmm, smells very masculine and … not woodsy, but musky (in a great, sexy way!). A little like the outdoors, salty wind and grasses, but something else that I can’t quite place and don’t care to as long as I can keep smelling this!

Ancient Sedona by The Bonnie Bath Co. (also here) – Citrusy, floral, and woodsy, all wrapped up into one perfect package. I really dig this one, to the point where I might not let you smell it if you come over because what if it falls in your bag and then I wouldn’t have it?!

Anise by Kathryn Hackney at Otion – a little bit like liquorice, but not in a sweet way; this is very tangy and dark — almost a little woody. I’m not a fan of liquorice candy, so when I saw the tag I was a little worried — but this is nothing like the candy at all; much more spicy.

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  1. It’s been eons since I’ve posted a comment but I do continue to read everything you write! If you ever decide to go full bore with the Island Coconut PLEASE let me know! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut and suntan lotion so I am fairly certain I will LOVE the Island Coconut and if it’s as amazing and I think it will be you had better believe I will by a ton from you!

    1. Chantell! Good to hear from you! I have added that Island Coconut to my next shopping list, and also one called “Tropical Vacation”. Now I want more fruity rum drinks! 🙂

      1. Well my dear if you need someone to test them out COUNT ME IN! Oh and if you feel like sending me a fruity rum drink I’ll take it too!

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