Did I mention Jag and Antony came to visit?

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157626569720077″]

Above (if you’re not in a Reader) is a photo album of all the photos I took during the week of us all just hanging out. GOOD TIMES, Y’ALL! There are photos of Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe, Barbara, Tim, me, Jag, and Antony. Oh, and Satch Vanley. What or who is “Satch Vanley,” you ask? It’s sort of like Flat Stanley, only it’s the Satchel’s van. There’s a contest, to color one in and send it a photo. We didn’t just send in one photo… we took it around Gainesville for the week and took almost 30 photos — and had a laughing great time while we did it!

There are also a lot of photos of food, because … well, we love food.

As always, it was wonderful to see the two of them. It’s odd, you know; for as far away as they live, it’s completely natural to look up and see them across the table. I love them both to pieces, and wish I could box them up and hand them out as Christmas gifts — they’re just that spectacular!

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