Dinner and music at Satchel’s and low-light photos on my new camera

The other night some friends of ours were playing at Lighting Salvage/Satchel’s, so we went out to see them being as it was my Good Friend Jenn on flute and drum, and Lisa on harp, and even though it’s Satchel’s (which means busy) and a Saturday night (which means super busy) we thought that since they were playing on the porch out back and even though there are heaters, that since it was about 30 degrees not a lot of people might show up so we should go, ya know?!

HAHAHAHAH. I almost thought we weren’t going to even be able to get in the door, let alone get a seat. Fortunately JJ and another friend, Stu, were there, and graciously waved us over to share their table. The food was awesome (duh, it was SATCHEL’S) and the music was great (duh, it was OUR FRIENDS). And the whole experience was topped off with the fabulous feature on my camera for pictures in low light settings (Swapna, it’s under “SCN”, and it’s the icon that looks like a candle flame if you  hit “FUNC. SET” and scroll through).

All of the following photos were taken using the low light setting, and none of them were taken with flash.

The O'Reilly's at Satchel's

1. Lisa singing; Jenn on bodhrán, 2. Don’t they make a cute couple?, 3. Lisa on harp; Jenn on bodhrán, 4. Jenn on flute, 5. Crowded room!, 6. ceiling and lights, 7. light, 8. light and toy, 9. JJ, 10. Me and Stu, 11. Jenn on flute, 12. Lisa on harp; Jenn on bodhrán

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