And so this is Christmas

Christmas 2010

Christmas was very sweet this year, low-key and quiet, with nobody in the hospital. That was nice! Tim did get a migraine and had to bow out of evening festivities, but that was the worst thing that happened.

Morning began as usual, with stockings and mimosas (pomosas) and Christmas music and Uncle Joe in the kitchen and hugs and “good mornings.” Then on to the presents, at which I feel that I can never give as much or as cool as I receive (and I know that’s not the point, getting; but I like to give… unfortunately this last year has not been so conducive to being able to give. But I feel that is changing, and I was at least able to send out lots of Chex Mix this year, so… things are looking up). After presents it was time to putter and/or nap, and after that it was the Worlds Best Dinner, in which there was so much food that we practically had to load up the table in stages and take dishes back to the kitchen to trade out with things that hadn’t hit the table yet.

In other words… it was perfect.

I love my family, my friends who have become family (“framily!”), and I am already thinking great thoughts for next year.

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