So, so busy!

I haven’t forgotten you, friends; it’s just been crazy busy this week. I’ll be at the Florida Fiber-In starting in about an hour (well, leaving in about an hour) and don’t know what Internet connection will be like over the weekend. So, meanwhile… please, talk amongst yourselves!

Edited to add: I inadvertently lied; my ride won’t be ready until 2. So I’ve been running around taking care of lots of things. Packing, mostly. Printing out some things I need for Fiber-In. Uploading photos in case I have time to blog about them. Went to the post office… twice. Once for a sale to Canada, and while I was there I had a huge soap order (love!) and I wanted to get that to the PO before leaving, otherwise it wouldn’t go out until Monday. As it is they’ll probably get it Monday or Tuesday, and I would love to get a good rep for fast shipping.

If I don’t get back here… have a great weekend, everyone! Think good thoughts for Tim, who is staying home and watching all the dogs and cats!

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