This week in HaldeCraft

One of the little Etsy tips that I’ve heard and seems to work for a lot of people is rather than upload a bunch of stuff at once, space it out by uploading one thing a day. When I launched HaldeCraft a week to two ago, I wanted to get a good selection of stuff up there quickly, so I uploaded pretty much everything I had at the time. I have since made some more things, and found the box I had packed a couple months ago when I was unpacking all those ceramics – I know what you’re thinking: unpacking? And repacking? Weirdo! But I looked at some things and didn’t feel the need to keep them but didn’t want to just send them to a thrift store, either. So… destashing. Anyway; what I put up in the last week is as follows:

This week in Etsy

The first link goes to the larger picture on Flickr; the second link goes to Etsy.

1. Lavender soap; (Etsy page)
2. The Old Dog; (Etsy page)
3. Mother Mary; (Etsy page)
4. Candy Dish; (Etsy page)
5. Pair of Owls; (Etsy page)
6. F&M Hedgie soap; (Etsy page)

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