Introducing Moya and Serenity

Moya the Grey, and Serenity the Feisty.

Day one –
new kittehs day one

Day two –
new kittehs day two

We’re now into day three, and so far the reactions seem to be…
Tavi AKA “Princess Cat” – OH MY GOD KITTENS RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!!! AAAAAHHHH! :hides under bed:
Brindle AKA “Nutbar” – You have GOT to be kidding me. :deep sigh:
Bridgett AKA “Old Dog” – Yeah? So? We’ve had kittens before. No big deal. :licks butt:
Corwin AKA “Backup Dog” – I think I want to eat that. :stares intently at door to cat room for 16 hours:

Mostly we’re keeping the kittens separated, especially when we’re not around. And seriously – Tim told me that Cori spent most of the day laying in front of the door to the cat room. I’m suuuuuure just to be there if the kittens … needed anything. I’m not too worried, though; even though she fixated on them for a few minutes tonight when we brought them out into the living room, eventually she laid down at my feet and napped. She’ll just need time to get used to them. And time, we have!

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