I’m crying laughing – Please design a logo for me. For free. With pie charts.

Who would you want to become a refugee with? All of you, of course. Somewhat related: On being larger than you are. Which is how I try hard to live, even on days when I want to punch a baby in the face.

Hear! Hear! The 10 Most Clichéd Character Types in Sci-Fi.

Waiter Rant on Crazy Restaurant Owner Syndrome.  Who knows what I’m talking about? Oh yeah. All of my friends who have ever worked in the food service industry, with the exception for anyone I know who works at Chopstix, Satchels, or Burrito Brothers.

Oh, Lovely Listing, you slay me! Who wouldn’t want a home with an underwear warmer?! Or Sea Monsters on your house?!

One of the many reasons I have such a girlcrush on SJ is the way she lays down the truth. Such as personal space and being a lady. Oh hells yeah!

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