QOTW – 2009/10/20

Totally forgot yesterday was Monday. By the time I remembered it was Monday (not Friday), I was at work and way too busy. So… uh… pretend it’s Monday…?

The Question of the Week is… what additional commandment would you add to the ten?

My answer is after the cut…

This question makes me think of a Sherri Tepper book that I read, wherein one of the characters (a time/space traveler) lands on a planet and briefly imparts the following words of wisdom: “Don’t let people mess with your heads.” This immediately starts a centuries-long civil war in which half the planet proclaims that to mean “don’t let people fuck with your minds” and the other half of the planet is convinced it means “don’t let people near your hair or face with scissors”.

I think something along the lines of “Thou shall not be a fuckwit” would make an awesome commandment. I was going to add that it would be awfully hard to enforce… but people seem to kill, steal, and covet their neighbors wives all the time as it is.

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  1. George Carlin brings the 10 down to 2; i’ll leave y’all to discover that on You Tube. Asimov puts it at 3; his apply to us’ns as well as to Robots. love/be kind to ; one another works well for me, a couple of guys have said that. and then there are the four agreements, one of which is ; don’t take it personally.

    oh … the question is would i add one? no, take some away; is my answer.

    thanks for turning me on to Sherri S Tepper. i’ve read the one you mention i believe. plus;her book… “Beauty” is a fine mix of fairy tales, time travel and feminism; a great read.

  2. Thou shalt not criticize or otherwise speak out against a lifestyle that disagrees with your own beliefs. (Example – book censorship attempts) Live and let live.

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