The Italian Stallion vs. the Garbage Truck

(Originally posted on July 10, 2008)

Thursday is trash pickup day in my neighborhood; I usually forget this and then when walking the dog I feel that I’m being stalked by the garbage trucks. But I am always amused by guys in their boxers running their trash bins out to the sidewalk!

This morning I was keeping a pretty steady pace of being about ten houses in front of the garbage truck. Towards the end of that block as I’m turning the corner, something bright catches the corner of my eye. I turn around and from about three houses behind me, I saw a man in blue shorts and an open pink button-down shirt come tearing out of his yard, pushing the trash can in front of him like a four-foot-tall baby carriage. He swung it around to face the right part to the road, and then flung his arms above his head and danced around in a big circle… just like Rocky at the top of the stairs. Awesome.

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