QOTW – 2009/09/21

And the Question of the Week is… when you go to a restaraunt that you go to a lot, do you order the same thing every time? Or something different?

My answer is after the cut…

Before my food allergies, I would usually order the same thing, or if it’s a place that has many things that I like, I’ll rotate through them. But now that I can’t eat fish, I’m having to find new things to eat and that means ordering different things off the menu. But I’m slowly finding my way back into a routine! (I’m such a creature of habit…)

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  1. Pretty much the same thing. I always want to try something different but am usually disappointed if I do. Then, of course, there’s the Chinese buffet where I still get mostly the same things each time. One small bite of almost everything, even the squid salad.

  2. My friends & I regularly order from this nice Italian place. Most of the time, I get the same thing, but when I’m flush or feeling adventurous, I can poll the assembled crew for something new within my taste profile. (one of my buddies likes things Hawt!, so I never order what he suggests …)

  3. If I haven’t been for a while, or I want comfort food, I order the same thing. Otherwise, I try to get something different. I’ve found some stuff I love that way, and some I’m unlikely to order again.

  4. I’ve given up on taste adventures. I know what I like (precious little) and where to get it. A new restaurant maybe I’ll try something new, but when I go to an old favorite it’s because I already know what’s good.

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