Leaving on a jet plane

I can not believe that I’m functioning enough to type right now.

We’re leaving the house as soon as I suck down some more coffee and get in the shower; then off to airport and off to Cincinnati to be with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe and Rusty.

I’m even almost packed!

Vacation knitting – three pairs of socks, and a backup cowl for nighttime driving (we’re slipping up to South Bend for a night to hang with Tim’s family) (Tim will be driving; I’ll be in the passenger seat, knitting).

Internet may be kind of spotty; but I will have my cell phone so expect Twittering (and thus, Facebook updates). I will check in whenever I can and keep everyone posted about Unca Joe’s status.

So very tired. So can’t wait to be with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe. Need more coffee. And shower. And packing.

Love to all!

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