Looking backwards

(Originally uploaded April 23, 2004; looks like I should do this one again, only from then to now…)

Looking backwards

April, the last few years

April 2004 – today is my last day of being full-time/working for Joe, and I’m about to embark on a new pathway for my life; a new pathway for mine and Tim’s life together.
April 2003 – I was madly making centerpieces for the wedding, and went to an art showing where I had to introduce my fiance to my ex-husband. Eep.
April 2002 – Still reeling from my fathers death three months before, I had to get my 16-year old dog put to sleep when she developed cancer that eerily followed the same organ-devouring path as my father’s. My soon-to-be-fiance buried her for me.
April 2001 – My friend Kelly started setting me up with this cute guy named Tim, who we worked with.
April 2000 – I was thinking about quitting my accounting job in a University bookstore, a job I hated passionately but had taken because it paid me enough to be able to get divorced the previous year.
April 1999 – I was getting ready to graduate from having gone back to school after 10 years off; I was in my last semester of full-time school while also working full-time and getting divorced.

Every five years or so I look back on my life, and I have a good laugh… – Emily Saliers

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  1. you really know how to balance that see/saw My Friend.

    “soon to be fiance” … i love that; were you feeling that way at the time or is that hind sight? which my Mom called the eyes in yer ass.

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