Wait, what? Where was I?

Wait, what? Where was I?

Ooof, y’all. I’ve had about five different blog posts in five different stages of being finished, on two different blogs, for about two weeks now. I thought that last week would be the week I got them all done, but… HAHAHAHAHAHA

So, where am I? What am I doing? Why can’t I seem to complete anything these days?

Probably the only thing I can rely on right now, unless one of us has a crisis, or an early morning doctor’s appointment, or our internet goes out, or we sleep late… I watch TV in the mornings with a couple of friends. Sharon in Maryland, and Ginny in Tennessee… and I can’t even tell you how fun it is. So fun that we’ve been doing this for… uh, four years, now? We’ve watched Babylon 5, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, most of Stargate Universe but it seems like every time we get about two more episodes in, it gets yanked from that streaming service again, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and now we’re on to The Librarians. Did I forget one? Anyway, I really do love and appreciate time spent with friends a few mornings a week. I’d rather have virtual time with people I love than no time!

Jeff and I have been back and forth a few times to Barb’s house. Now my house. Aunt Gay, June, and Doris had already cleaned out most of everything, with many things going to friends, friends of friends, and Hospice Attic. There are a few things left (some of which I have my eye on and some not) and next week we’ll be moving it all into the garage in order to paint a few walls and take some pictures for the eventual realty listing. We’re hoping to have it listed in early March… stay tuned.

Speaking of Jeff, here’s a sneak peek at something he’s working on. Both of those giant Lazy Susans will have telescopes on them, and they’re on top of a more oblong Lazy Susan that will be on rollers to come in and out of the small shed. More info on that after it’s done, and we give Uncle Joe the first reveal!

This dog needs constant attention. I don’t know that I have it in me to get her a sibling, so instead, I’m looking into a place in G’ville that’s a combo doggie day-care, overnight boarding, grooming, and training facility. It’s all off-leash so Potato will have to pass a series of personality/ability-to-play-well-with-others tests before she’s accepted. I’m going to fill out the application next week, y’all, wish me luck. This would be perfect on so many levels – I’m going to need a boarding place for a week in March, and next year when I travel to Scotland for at least two weeks. Plus, I like the idea of doggy day-care more than I like the idea of getting her a sibling to tire her out right now. It’s in G’ville, I’m in G’ville a lot, and I can get half-days. So, like, I drop her off at 9 AM, run a bunch of errands in town, pick her up about 3, and bring her home happy and tired instead of her sleeping for that time and then acting out when I get home. If the doggy day-care and the boarding place were the same? I’d love that. They’d really get to know her then.

And, yes; my vet does do boarding. That is a thing I can do. However, they don’t have anyone there overnight, they only come in on Sundays for feedings and brief walks, and the dogs aren’t allowed any beds, blankets, or toys in their crates. Y’all have seen how high-maintenance this dog is…. the place I’m looking into is off-leash, open areas, all the dogs play and sleep together in piles on beds (I’ve seen pictures, it’s hella cute) and they have human supervision in with them 24/7. They’re never left alone. I am really, really, really hoping Potato passes and gets accepted.

I don’t feel like I’m getting a lot of MAKING done at work these days, but I’m getting a lot of catching up done. All the other things going on are interrupting my work flow as well, but… I’m doing the best I can. And I’m trying not to beat myself up for not being able to juggle as much as I could even just 18 months ago.

My knitting mojo seems to be coming back, and I’m so relieved. I’m almost done with this hat and then I think I’m going to make a series of fingerless glove/armwarmers so that I have some quick projects. I still have those two afghans for the girls but I’ve been working on nothing but them for two years and … it’s draining. I love them, but it just feels like it’s neverending.

Dang, y’all. There’s just so much going on out here, and most of it is in-progress, and Jeff and I are both super ready for some shit to be finished. But it seems like every project sparks three more, and they spiral out of control. We’re going to hire a plumber and an electrician just so we can get some shit crossed off our list without having to actually do it ourselves. More on all of that later, when/if/as shit gets finished.

Seriously, CONSTANT ATTENTION. Now, the good news is that the cats are getting much more tolerant of the dog. But not so tolerant that there’s community snuggling yet. Although last night Jeff had two cats on his lap, Peppa was in between us on the couch, and I had the third House Cat on my lap. So everyone is mostly getting along… at least there’s no major fights. Unlike the studio, where Troublesome haaaaaaaaaaaaates Peppa. But Goblin loves her. Sigh. It’s a process.

Stay tuned for more recaps in the next couple of days….

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