March, so far, by the numbers

March, so far, by the numbers

Day I think it is because it can’t possibly be the 12th: the 2nd.

Day it is in my head because I plan so far ahead: the 23rd.

Number of times in the last week the steering on Truckenstein gave out: 1

Number of dudes it took to maneuver Truckenstein back into the parking space: 2

Bonus help by hoe used to assist with holding steering wheel steady while they pushed the truck: 1

Chances that anyone else would randomly have a hoe in the back of their truck: 0

Number of jokes made about these two guys and their hoe: Thousands

Times I have double-checked spelling on “hoe”: 4

Percentage of my google search history that is really just me typing words into the search bar to check spelling: 87.3%

Number of days Truckenstein has now been in the shop: 5.5

Number of days I’ve gone into town with Tim because I also needed the car: 1

Level of being inconvenienced because your two-car family is down to one car: First World

Number of bars of soap I’ve wrapped in the last week: 50+

Number of times I’ve wanted to post about how I do not have COVID-19 so it’s totally safe to buy my soap to wash your hands with: 50+

Number of times I’ve not wanted to remind people that I touch each and every bar of soap I wrap since I do everything by hand: 50+

Number of times I’ve parsed COVID as CORVID and giggled at a flu that would turn me into a bird: uncountable

Number of posts I’ve pre-written on Patreon and set to post throughout the rest of March: 5

Number of posts I’ve pre-written on Patreon that I will forget to link to when they auto-post: 5

Skeins of yarn I’ve dyed in the last week: 12

Skeins of yarn in the dye pot right now: 8

Skeins of yarn I still need to dye: 78

Day I should have started dyeing yarn this week: Sunday

Day I started dyeing yarn this week: Wednesday

Percentage chance I will finish everything I want to do this week: 0

Chance I will remember what I was planning on doing today as soon as I hit “post” on this: 0

Chance I will do something else instead and enjoy doing it right up until the end of the day when I’m almost done doing that and remember what I should have done instead: 100

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    1. Don’t worry – I’ve seen The Poseidon Adventure like a hundred times! I know what to do in a flipped-over boat scenario, thanks to that training film!

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