Let me ask you a few questions about HaldeCraft….

Let me ask you a few questions about HaldeCraft….

So, I’m taking these classes, and they’re giving me a lot to think about. One of the assignments this week is to ask a few people who know you, to ask them about their impressions of your work, your brand. So here I am, asking! You can answer in the comments, on Facebook (or G+, this goes both places), or drop me a line.

As someone who knows me, if you didn’t know me and saw this website, this Facebook page, or this Instagram account, what would you think of that company? Would you think it was kooky, quirky, and that you’d probably find something pretty unique there? Or would you think it was too varied, too many things going on, and that it’s too busy or complicated to find things? Something in between?

Since you do actually know me, do you think the vibe those pages give off is reflective of me? I mean, leaving aside the fact that I can’t hard code those pages, but have to fill in the blanks they give me, do you feel that my personality comes through the pages? Do they seem quirky and fun? Or not cohesive enough and confusing? Or, gawd forbid, boring?

Not thinking of me personally, but thinking of HaldeCraft the business, what are three words you’d use to describe HaldeCraft?

Lastly… and whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve done a poll here. I hope I remember how and that the widget still works!

OK, I think I’ve got it…. (multiple choice answers are fine, click all/any that apply!)

Thanks, y’all!

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  1. DO NOT PUT SUGAR AND SPICE< that is NOT your BRAND, lol.

    I love your instagram. Really love it. I never look at your FB page, because I see your posts in my stream — but when I go look at it, it feels like you and it's on brand for you. Your site is well layed out, the images are perfect, and I don't have any real complaints. I'm not sure your personality (or your BRAND's) really comes through there but you're limited by the darn templates/sites so I'm not really going to suggest you attempt any serious changes.

    If I didn't know you, I'd definitely think I could find something there to interest me. A lot of somethings — and even more somethings to buy for friends and family.

    Three words to describe Haldecraft? That's hard…

    Quirky, Handmade, Fun?


    1. LOLOLOLOL on the “not sugar and spice” thing! Hahahaha. You’re the best.

      Thank you; I agree with everything you said (how my Instagram and Facebook branding are on point) and also about the website — I do have a few minor choices, there, I guess, in that I could change the colors (I want yellow and brown but The Google tells me those colors aren’t well received by people on websites and that I should go with greens and/or blues, which are people’s favorites)… or, I could hire some Shopify designer who for thousands of dollars would design me a website that would better reflect *me*. But who has thousands of dollars?! (Seriously, I was looking into it even though the company I was investigating doesn’t have any pricing structure published, and when I finally heard a very vague “five figures” I was like, “and here’s your one finger I’ll give you instead!”. Sigh.

      Thank you, again! I might try another poll in a few days, since I figured out the poll thing… a multiple choice option with words that describe HaldeCraft. Self-selecting sampling is fun! Wheee!

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