Snip, snip!

Snip, snip!

I had to go to the vet’s office Monday to pick up some more Prozac for Corwin (I can’t believe the magic that has done for her poor little doggy brain!) and while I was there I mentioned that I had two male cats I’d like to bring in for neutering, did they have any openings…? They could do both, Wednesday. I’ll be there! What’s that, 8:15 in the morning? Ugh, yeah, I won’t be showered or overly caffeinated, but I’ll be there.

The boys were surprisingly easy in the car. Wilder sang to me the song of his rather unhappy people for about half a mile, then quieted down. Bowie was silent. Well that all changed when I got into the office, let me tell you! It was like a chorus of unhappy boys, letting us know about every wrong ever done to them. Poor vets… I hope the boys quieted down after a while.

I got a call around 1, they were done and in recovery, and I could come get them at 4. I went and got them, brought them home (they were silent in the car this time) and then they stayed the night in the studio again (they’d had to stay in the night before, with no food, because of the surgery). The first thing they did was sniff everything. The second thing they did was eat. The third thing they did was groom themselves, paying particular attention to the area that had been… attended to. They’ve been shaved there, drawing particular attention to the white skin against the black fur.

So I don’t know if this will help with Wilder not using the cat box in my studio… he has a tendency to pee on plastic bags I have laying around, which has been a disaster a couple of times because he doesn’t care if that bag is wrapped around a piece of greenware to keep it damp (I didn’t like those mugs anyway….?). But it will definitely help with Wilder trying to hump Bowie, and Bowie turning that around on Troublesome… who looks at me like if I don’t get him out of this?!?!?! Oh, cats.

I’ve already gone over to the studio this morning and let them out (and checked the kiln temperature; I fired it yesterday and am itching to open it). I’m sure they will want to be back inside by the time I finish this, have another cup of coffee and a shower, and get back over there for work. It’s about 48 degrees out and that’s too cool for their delicate flower toesies. You know, never mind that before they came to live with us, they were outside, in worse. Now that they know they can get inside when it rains or is cold…? Yeah.

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  1. ::hearts you with all the heartiness::
    Thank you for taking care of the boys, it means a lot to me.

    Now to curl up on the couch in a position that doesn’t ache … ::sigh::

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