What’s today, again?

What’s today, again?

I kind of hit a wall yesterday. I had a thought early in the day, after starting the kiln, that since I was firing it Thursday instead of Friday, maybe I could get about 25 more TARDIS magnets glazed, and fire them in the little kiln on Friday, glue the magnets on them on Saturday (the glue takes 24 hours to set fully), not think about them on Sunday, and then I’d have them to mail out to Big Bang Bazaar for the swag bags on Monday.

And then I set everything up to do some glazing, and just… stared at the work and blinked a few times. I wandered away, did some other things, came back, blinked, walked away, did some things, came back, blinked, walked away, did some things… pretty soon it was 6 at night and my brain had been shut down for a couple of hours already. So, 50 of my swags for BBB won’t be TARDIS mugs. I’m sorry, nerds. I just didn’t have it in me. On the other hand I will soon have a LOT of them for sale, and I’m thinking $4.50 (plus tax if you’re local). I will have a few to bring to GLAM with me (which reminds me, I need to find something magnetic to show them off on….).

I did get some yarn wound, and the rest of the Andre I’m bringing labeled and packaged, and all the Lynn I’m bringing labeled and packaged (Tepper and Joy still to go). I got the kiln unloaded, the magnets from that load glued together, the custom orders from that load photographed and listed and customers contacted, the things from that load cleaned and priced and packaged for GLAM, and the kiln reloaded and fired. Cone 5 this time, and I’ve already gone to peek at it but it was still at over 200 degrees this morning and cold enough outside (low 40s) that I didn’t want to shock all the pieces by cracking it open. So I’m still crossing my fingers for a good firing. I also got all of the lip balms labeled. Oh, and I got a couple of online orders packaged and out.

I still did not get my laundry folded, and Tim had to feed the animals and make dinner, but… meh. I guess I got a lot done yesterday? But I don’t feel like I did.

Today I need to get yesterday’s orders packaged and out, run by the grocery store, unload the kiln when it’s closer to 100 degrees and less of a temperature difference between it and the outside air, price and pack whatever I’m bringing from that load, stamp some bags, look through my craft show bin and replace anything that I’ve run out of, make some hand lotion, and if possible, wrap some of those guest soaps for the BBB swag bags. That’s not too much to do in one day, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sob.

Today or tomorrow, also, there is a deep hot bath with relaxing salts, a glass of wine, and a good book in my future.

Now, what is today? Thursday? Friday? Friday! OK! Two days left until GLAM! I got this!

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