Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Is today Monday? I woke up and it just felt like a Monday. But Tim was gone all day yesterday, and I’m pretty sure he was at work, so that must mean today is Tuesday.

Yesterday I tried something different. Instead of focusing on my to-do list and walking past piles of things that are vaguely in my way but I don’t have time to deal with, I dealt with those things. I didn’t get a couple things crossed off my to-do list but I still feel like I got more done yesterday than I did all last week.

Today I need to buy December advertising for Ravelry (1 PM sharp and those limited spaces go fast!)

I also need to wind the rest of November yarn club (it’s about halfway wound; I should finish by the end of this week).

I also need to deeply contemplate the look of my shop; my online shop host is making some changes, and the last time they made changes I wound up having to get an entire new theme… and I’m probably going to wind up getting another because the theme I bought a year and a half ago is considered “old” now and is no longer supported. Which means looking through themes they offer, and I already have, and I don’t like any of them because they all look alike. There may be a whole blog post about this coming soon – I have a lot of thoughts about this and they’re starting to leak out.

I thought there was one, maybe two more things I was going to say, but they’re gone now… I’ll probably remember what they were as soon as I post this……!

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