Today is the day I’ll get my shit together!

Today is the day I’ll get my shit together!

Does anyone else think that, sometimes, first thing in the morning? Like, I’ve been so disorganized lately, so scatter-brained, and today is a nice long day without too much on my plate so today is the day I’m going to reconfigure my entire existence and by dinner time I’ll be a fully functional human being with a plan! I will organize all those photos I’ll be meaning to! I’ll go through my blog and put all the uncategorized posts into categories, and also do a full category clean-up at the same time, maybe deleting some old posts that aren’t relevant any more! I’m going to catch up on that pile of cards and letters on my desk! Clean off my desk! Finish transferring some notes from Evernote to my new little planner! Yes, I’m going to do ALL THE THINGS and by the end of the day I will be IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!



And in between then, I’ll wrap soap for a couple of hours, contemplate this app that Shopify thinks I should buy for $10-25 a month that is essentially an AI that does marketing tasks for me, I’ll clean all the bathrooms, sweep the floors, clean off the dining room table for a big family dinner tonight, straighten up the living room, see what I have planned for the work week ahead, which reminds me that I need to set up my social media for the week, blog today for work after I switch out the “This Week Only” products, and upload the last of the one-shot Police Call Box mugs to Etsy.

Clearly there is a big disconnect between my pre-coffee state of what I think the day will be and what my brain reminds me actually is already on my list, dreamer.

Seriously – I’m not the only one, right?

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  1. It’s the thing I say to myself every Sunday. “I will get my shit together this week” I’ve already said it this morning 🙂

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