They don’t make coffee pots like they used to

They don’t make coffee pots like they used to

No, really. They don’t. I went by HellMart last night since I was in Gainesville, to get a new coffee pot. I wanted a small one, one that has (or had for sale nearby) a reusable filter, and an auto-off function (I noticed yesterday morning with the one I snagged out of the studio that it does not have an auto-off function, and as someone prone to walking away and forgetting things I really need that backup so I don’t burn the house down). There were three small ones on display, four large ones, and then about 30 of those ones that take pods or small plastic shot glasses or whatever. While those are great for settings in which a lot of people might want different things (like that time we, and Tim’s parents, were all staying at Amy and Isaac’s, and everyone wanted something different to drink in the morning)… my coffee pot pretty much just serves me.

So I looked at the three small ones on display, and none of them had reusable filters or an auto-off function? WTH! I finally decided on one, thinking, I don’t know, I’ll set my phone alarm or something every day to remind me to turn the coffee pot off….? And when I was looking for the box for that one, I found a box for one they didn’t have on display. Guess what it had? Everything I wanted! Reusable filter, five-cup carafe, auto-off function… it was all there. So it came home with me and I am drinking out of it this morning. And it only cost, like, $10… so hopefully it’s not a piece of crap. Time will tell.

That’s really all I had to say this morning. Oh believe me I could ramble on about nothing for another few hundred words, but the smell emanating from the cat box closet five feet away tells me that something needs to be cleaned out, and quickly. Yuckers. This may take Lysol. What do those cats EAT?!

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  1. You can often buy a reusable filter for coffee pots that don’t come with them… but that takes a little more planning than you had, since your machine bit the dust.

    And no, they don’t make ’em like they used to. LOL. I keep telling myself I’m just going to get a cheap Mr Coffee next time, instead of buying these high end fancy multi-hundreds of dollar machines. But then I look at the one I bought for Chris and think “I WANT THAT ONE!” lol

    1. Yeah, I know, and I looked around to see if they sold reusables — the only size reusable filter I saw for sale were for the 12-pot coffee makers. But I found a small one that came with a filter, so I’m all good!

      Now, you go buy a fancy machine, and I’ll show up at your house every morning for wifi and coffee, like a Starbucks. 😉

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