Let’s do this

Let’s do this

First off, I have replaced my phone! I did not take Samsung up on their offer for $100 to stay with a Samsung phone, mostly because they only phone they had that did what I wanted in the size I wanted was… the Note 7. Which they told me I couldn’t have. So, thanks to the Verizon Guy who talked through my wants and steered me towards the LG V10. I now have a phone with a great camera and expandable memory and believe it or not, it’s even a little bigger than the Note 7. The down side is that the battery is not the best, and there are times when I’ll be using it a lot (craft shows) where I’ll probably have to charge it in the middle of the day, but I’m used to that with the old Note 3 I had and I have an external battery backup that’s actually smaller than the phone but can charge it three times before it needs to be recharged itself. So I’m happy.

Now. I still need to put the tablecloths on the work tables, and spread out the food – start the artichoke dip in a crock pot and cut up the bread and set up an area for Tim to make grilled cheese sandwiches and whatnot, and Amy and Isaac should be here in a couple of hours to set up (did I mention Isaac is doing a lampwork demo?). So we’re as ready as we’re going to be.

Is it birthday-cake-thirty yet? :: looks at clock ::

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend the next hour or so once again downloading all my apps for my new phone and remembering my passwords. I tell ya, the novelty and excitement of getting a new piece of technology really wanes when it’s the third time in just over seven weeks.

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