Holy shit, do I love fire and pounding the crap outta hot metal!

Holy shit, do I love fire and pounding the crap outta hot metal!

… yeah, that title pretty much sums up this post. Any worry I had about the blacksmith class was completely unfounded – my wrist and elbow didn’t hurt at all, I’m not an utter weakling who can’t swing a hammer (although I did have to switch arms after about four hours, and use my left sometimes for pounding… thank you, ambidextrousness! Ambidexterity? Ambi… you get the point.). I didn’t knock the forge over like a cake at a drunken wedding.

Now if only I could get my pictures to upload from my phone, I could show you all what a great time I had. For some reason even though I have all my photos set to upload to Dropbox when on wifi, it didn’t upload them when I got home last night, and when I manually set them to upload it’s uploading everything from the whole phone, not just the pictures from yesterday, and now I can’t get it to stop so I can reset it and only choose the ones from the class. Ugh. Technology. I put a few pictures on Facebook yesterday during class and I made that post open to everyone so you can see it even if we’re not Facebook friends or even if you’re not even on Facebook. I’ll do another post tomorrow with a slideshow of all the pictures. Jenn even took a few of me, so while I’m mostly behind the camera, occasionally I’m in front of it!

After the class we went to First Magnitude Brewing, for a beer and a “THAT WAS AWESOME” chat, and when we walked up I thought I saw someone familiar but I couldn’t place them, and I just thought, meh, Gainesville… and then after we got beer and were looking for a place to sit, I was approached by a couple former co-workers — apparently the “Stop Kids Cancer” fundraiser was in celebration of the recovery of a child of one of my former coworkers from leukemia, and the place was crawling with engineers. It was weird. But not so weird that we didn’t finish our beers!

More tomorrow, with pictures. Sigh. 106 files added, 198 remaining. It’s going to be a long morning….

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