Fire Pit Tool blacksmithing class, with tons of photos!

Fire Pit Tool blacksmithing class, with tons of photos!

I talked a little about the class yesterday, and here are the photos (you may need to come to the site to see the slideshow, if it’s not showing in your RSS reader). Give the album a second to load, and then if you click on a photo thumbnail you’ll get a popup slideshow and you can go to the right or left for more pictures. If it’s giving you problems and you want to go directly to the Flickr album, you can see it here.

[FAG id=6774]

I know I said this yesterday – and about a thousand times to anyone who will hold still long enough – but this class was so amazing. And empowering! I foolishly worried that I wasn’t physically up for it, and yet I’m still not even sore (and in fact I slept better that night than I had in weeks!). After about four hours of the class I had to switch back and forth between hammering with my right or left arm, but that was just from getting tired, not from being too achy to do it.

And how fucking FUN was that?! I like shaping things – hello, lifelong hobby with clay – and this was a lot like that. Only different. Hotter and harder. But the same “this is how it looks in my head, can I make it do that” sort of thing. I’ve already asked Tim a couple of times where we can put me a little forge, and I’m batting my eyes and giggling when I’m saying it, but y’all, I’m serious. I want to do more of this. I hope Leslie Tharp doesn’t mind me showing up for ALL HER CLASSES until I can sink some money into my own forge, anvil, and tools!

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