The day will be what you make it

The day will be what you make it

A few random thoughts for the morning….

I’m alternating between “I have so much to do today!” and “hey, I got up about half an hour early, have already written a work blog post, now I’m on a personal post, this day is going to be productive as hell, I got this.”

One of the inside cats has been peeing on the carpet in front of the shower in the master bathroom. So we’ve been keeping the bedroom door shut during the day, and then when I got to feed the cats wet cat food in the evening, we lock them in the cat room. We watch TV for a couple hours, and then I go to bed – shutting the bedroom door – and when Tim comes to bed he lets the cats out of the cat room but doesn’t let them in the bedroom. So far there’s been a bit of meowing at the door, nothing that wakes us up for very long, but… I kind of miss not having kitty snuggles on the couch while watching TV. On the other hand, I get to sit on the couch as I want, not as Brindle wants me to for her maximum comfort and warmth, so…..

A new black male cat showed up a couple days ago. I just met him yesterday. Joe told me a black cat had been hanging out under the Coach, where Black Mama Kitty had been, and he thought it was Bowie. I said that Bowie had been in the studio, so maybe he was just seeing Bowie heading from here to there….? Nope. Turns out it’s a whole ‘nuther cat. Greaaaaaaaaaat. He seems mildly friendly, too, dammit.

I figured out how to stop feeling overwhelmed by Gmail’s four tabs that it funnels email into… I went into settings, went back to the original Gmail inbox, so everything just comes into the one email. It took me about four days to sort through about 800 unread emails, but now I have nothing unread, and a bunch of deleted crap I should have just deleted the moment it came in, but always thought I’d get back to, to read later. HAHAHAHA. Massive round of unsubscribing.

I kind of wish, work-wise, that I could jump from now to January. I’ve given up on a handful of plans for this year that I’m just feeling too overwhelmed to do and somehow I think next year’s plan that I’m making will be easier… but don’t I think that every year? Sigh. The business group I’m a member of is doing this “17 before 2017” thing where you’re supposed to list 17 things you want to get done before 2017 and I’m over here all, “my list for the last three months of the year is the same as it always is – fucking get through it without losing my mind.” So either I’m doing something wrong, or I’m not a joiner, or they’re all lunatics.

OK; I gotta get moving. I have numbers to crunch, Pinterest to pay attention to, breakfast to eat, soap to make, and social media ain’t gonna take care of itself. But I’m heading into the day with intention and focus, not with a scramble of “OMG DO THIS RIGHT NOW!” because I’ve found that the mood of the day is often set by my early morning… and I’d prefer my day to be intentional and productive, not one of those days where I wander from room to room staring at everything that needs to be done and wondering what I’ve forgotten.

Intention. Focus. Joy in what I do. The day is what you make it.


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