No news is good news, right?

Still no word if we’ve gotten the loan for the 15 acres with the not-too-shitty mobile home and the totally amazing 2200sq ft studio.


But no news is good news, right? I mean, the lender (third lender, I think, have I told you that story?) finally finished asking us for paperwork justifying every check, every deposit, every withdrawal for the last two months. We’ve signed and dated so much paperwork that I’m signing my initials in my sleep. But we haven’t heard anything, and I’m trying to stay positive, even though I’ve chewed my nails almost off. We’ve made a backup plan for renovations to this house, should we not get the loan and need to stay here. I can’t decide if that makes me feel better (options!) or worse (am I telling the universe I don’t want the 15 acres and workshop?). Because I do, Universe. I want this fifteen acres of practically untouched land, with deer and gopher tortoises and long leaf pines and wild persimmons and wiregrass and sunsets like the one I’ve posted here. I want this workshop with all that open space so I can spread out and not have one table on which I do three different things and none of those things can be done at the same time. I want a house with a fireplace, and a guest room, and enough space to build a dream home. I want that. So no news is good news, right? And I’m going to do this craft show tomorrow and kick ass, and be in a great mood, and then next week we’ll find out we got the loan, and I’ll be in an even greater mood, and the rest of the year will be a happy and hectic dream as we pack and move. Right?

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  1. Just stay positive, see yourself moving in and putting everything in its place, with great joy. Don’t let negatives reside and just think of the beauty.

    1. It’s funny you say that – at least once a day I try to visualize one room in the house and how our furniture will look, or try to visualize having coffee and looking for deer in the morning, or visualize working in the studio… positive thinking! I’m trying! 🙂

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